What is website hosting?

Website hosting is where your website lives on the Internet. For your website to appear on the Internet it needs to be uploaded to a server. Servers are high-tech computers storing all the components that make up a website, such as HTML documents, CSS stylesheets, and images. These servers are connected to the internet so when someone enters a search query into an internet browser, such as Google Chrome, that browser will then connect to various servers to find websites that contain information relevant to the search query.

Think of hosting as finding a house for your website to live in. You need to move all the building blocks of your website to a secure server so that when someone wants to visit, i.e. types your website into Google, browsers will know where to find you.

🐶 Made in the USA.

Pet food manufacturers in the USA are subject to strict regulations and standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).

💯 High Protein

Protein is essential for pets as it provides the necessary building blocks for their muscles, bones, skin, and hair. Additionally, protein is important for the proper functioning of various body systems.

😋 Beef Flavor

When selecting beef flavor pet food, it is important to read the label to determine the actual ingredients in the food. While beef flavoring may be used, the primary source of protein in the food may be chicken.