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Once you’ve got a product up and selling, it’s time to think about optimizing your performance for increased sales.

  • Introduction to Walmart Listing Optimization

The ultimate guide to growing your business on Walmart.com with top-performing listings.

Why choose Walmart Listing Optimization?

  • E-commerce Entrepreneurs
    Whether you're launching a new e-commerce venture or expanding your online presence, Walmart offers a massive customer base to tap into.
  • Retailers and Brands
    stablished retailers and brands can leverage Walmart to reach a global audience and increase sales.
  • Small Businesses
    Walmart's platform provides small businesses with an opportunity to compete with larger counterparts and gain significant exposure.
  • Improve your product conversion rates
    Detailed product descriptions, faster delivery promise, and customer reviews turn more browsers into shoppers.
  • Minimize product returns and 5 gain repeat customers
    High-quality item page content makes it easier for customers to evaluate and purchase your products confidently, resulting in fewer returns and more 5-star ratings & positive reviews.

Our Walmart Listing Optimization  Process

we look at 3 factors that determine your listing


Ingredients that get you more sales!

It pays to be very descriptive on your product listings. Not only does it enhance your search results, but customers can also learn more about what you’re offering. 

The category fields contain structured information on how products are organized. The more you define your product, the easier it is to search for.
• Choose the right, accurate category, which provides you with the right set of Attributes for the item.
• Selection of the right category ensures your items are assigned to a correct product shelf on Walmart.com and perform better in search and browse results.
• Learn more about how to Select the Best Category.

Product Title
A good Title will make it a lot easier for customers to find your listing when they search using specific keywords. However, don’t attempt to “stuff” titles with non-pertinent keywords.
• The Title should be clean and concise, between 50-75 characters.
• Color, brand and model are good keyword examples to include in the Title.
• Recommended formula for a Fashion listing’s Title is: Brand + Style Name (if applicable) + Descriptive Feature (if applicable), Material, Clothing Size + Pack Count

As customers search, they’ll gravitate towards results with listings that have more descriptive information and specific key phrases.
• Format your listings to include 3-10 Key Features and a detailed Description paragraph - minimum 150 words is a general guidance, word count requirement varies by product category.
• Make best use of key words and avoid generic phrases to optimize for the best SEO results.

Attributes are values that are used to organize products in site navigation and on shelves, and they also help make listings more visible when customers conduct searches.
• Specify all relevant Attributes to ensure your products show when customers search and browse products using filters on the left-hand navigation.
• Check out Walmart.com listings similar to your products to see most relevant attributes that are used in left-hand navigation.

A picture is worth a thousand words! Use multiple high resolution professional pictures, centered, with a white background to make your product stand out visually.
• Upload 4 professional, high-resolution product images.
• Recommended image size is at least 1000x1000 pixels, which is the minimum zoomable size.
• Background color should be white, RGB values of 255, 255, 255. • Make sure your images follow our Image Policy.

Rich Media
This optional feature lets you add product videos, 360-degree images and other rich content to show more of your product and boost conversion.
• Examples of Rich Media content includes product videos, how-to demos and other informative material like manuals and size charts.
• To enhance your item page content with rich media please reach out to one of our Content Solution Providers.

How you price and fulfill your order matters

Customers search for items with great pricing and good shipping options, so you’ll need to make sure you stay as competitive as you can.

Item Price
Item prices need to be competitive with other listings to drive a positive customer experience and help you win the Buy Box.
• Set up Reduced Price and Clearance tags to drive customers’ attention to promotional pricing.
• Visit the Pricing Opportunities dashboard in Seller Center to see what you can improve on.

In-Stock Rate/Inventory
Keeping your popular items in stock means they’ll always show up when customers search. Make sure your inventory is always updated, especially for fast-moving products.
• Check your Inventory Feed Status to ensure your item counts are being uploaded correctly.
• Monitor your inventory regularly to make sure your products are always in stock.

Shipping Speed
Keeping your popular items in stock means they’ll always show up when customers search. Make sure your inventory is always updated, especially for fast-moving products.
• Enable Walmart ThreeDay and request access to Walmart TwoDay to drive more sales with fast shipping promise and 2-day delivery tags.
• Get Buy Box prominence and drive an organic lift in conversion when you offer expedited delivery options.

Shipping Price
Free shipping options propel your products to be seen by more customers, especially when you participate in programs like Walmart TwoDay and ThreeDay.
• Get great discounts on reliable, fast shipping with FedEx Advantage.
• Have services like WFS and Deliverr do the work for you with great rates.

Shipping Options
Customers want options for standard and expedited delivery. Stay on top of your game by offering both.
Expedited Delivery:
• Next Day: Delivery by next business day. Our fastest method, you can offer to customers for a charge or for free.

• Walmart TwoDay: Free delivery program for 2-day shipping nationwide or regionally with two ways to optin: seller-managed or third-party managed.

• Walmart ThreeDay: Expedited delivery feature that provides more flexibility for fast nationwide shipping and gives additional benefits to sellers who offer this shipping method for free.

Standard Shipping:
• Regular opt-in shipping method for a total transit time of 2-5 business days. Free Value Shipping:
• Best low-cost shipping available to all sellers for a total transit time of 3-7 business days. Freight:
• Only used for shipping large and bulky items; must be configured for each individual item.


Provide a great experience for your customers others will notice.

Customers search for items with great pricing and good shipping options, so you’ll need to make sure you stay as competitive as you can.

Order Defect Rate
Want to focus on growth and unlock more potential? When your Offer Defect Rate (ODR) is in good standing, you get more opportunities to win the Buy Box and participate in promotional campaigns.
• ODR is made up of Cancellation, Return and Shipping Defects.

• The lower your ODR, the better your performance as a seller is. Top performing sellers maintain an ODR below 2%.

• You can find your 90-day ODR with detailed reports in the Performance section of Seller Center. • Review The Seller Scorecard in Seller Help to learn more.

Policy Adherence
Ensuring compliance with Walmart standards will go a long way to keep a seller in good standing.
• Always react quickly and decisively when it comes to performance and addressing customer issues.

• Familiarize yourself with the Trust and Safety Performance standards.

• Also be sure to download the Marketplace Policies for Walmart.com.

Here we’ll highlight a number of items to be aware of.

Examining Listings

· Product shelf is not defined due to incorrect item categorization.
· The Category is specific and detailed, the product shelf is assigned correctly.
2、Image Variety
· Only one image is available.
· The recommended four images are provided, making the entire entry more visually appealing.
The Title is very generic and not very specific about this watch.
· The product title is clean and concise, formatted with specific keywords such as size, color and style.
4、Ratings & Reviews
· This item has no Ratings or Reviews.
· This item has many Ratings and Reviews based on previous customer experiences.
5、Competitive Price
· The price is not comparable to competitors’ pricing.
· The price reflects a much more competitive offer and the promo tag makes it stand out visually. 
· Only one Variant is shown.
· Multiple Variants are shown, giving the customer more options to choose from. 
7、Shipping Options
Seller has a restricted or singular shipping option.
· Seller offers an expedited delivery option for an appealing fast and free delivery promise. 
8、Rich Media
· This item does not offer any rich media options for customers to view.
· This item offers multiple rich media options, providing the customer with more information to make a purchase with. 
9、Product Description
· This item doesn’t have any product description at all
· The information about this item is organized correctly with key features highlighted and a highly descriptive paragraph. 

Advantages of Walmart Listing Optimizatio

The ultimate guide to growing your business has the top-performing listings.

Improve conversion rates
The search rate is higher
Have the best shopping experience
The most professional technical support
Get the best listings for your products

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